The Old Catholic Oratory in Florida is coordinated by the Rt. Rev.  Carl "Allen" Jimenez , OCL, located in Tallahassee, FL,; he prefers to be called "Allen" without the use of any specific title.   This Oratory serves mainly as a focal point for the other Oratory throughout the country, an adminstrative function.   Allen is presently editing two publications of historical value to the Old Catholic experience in the Americas and is researching a third publication.  (By the way, he is also our web master which keeps him pretty busy.)   Allen is an informal sort of person whom you are likely to encounter riding a city bus or walking on the streets.   He will take time out to talk with just about anyone .... just about anything.


One of the interesting things that this Oratory has are two first class "relics":  St. Bonaventure (early administrator of the Franciscan Order), and St. Norbert (founder of the Praemonstratensian (Norbertine) Order).  Both of these are at least 1000 years old. 


Presently this Oratory has no scheduled Mass.  If you have a particular need or wish to attend Mass please contact us.   The Old Catholic Church practices "open communion" and turns no one away who approaches in peace.


Allen is available to officiate  weddings at the location of your choice which should be discussed with him in advance.  Old Catholics do not normally consider divorce as an obstacle to remarriage in the Church.  You may contact him through the email address above or click here:   Allen .   We try to answer email within 48 business hours.


All too frequently, a friend or family member passes on and the family can not locate a priest for a Catholic funeral.  If you encounter that problem contact us through the above email address link ... we will help you.


The Oratory of the Common Life is interested in talking with prospective clergy and lay associates.  After reading our main page, if you think you might have an interest in becoming an ordained minister with us, please contact us at:  VOCATIONS;  on the main web page  ;or through any other Oratory.  You do not have to be in the ordained ministry to be an Oratorian.


If you think you would be interested in starting an Oratory in your area contact us; we want to discuss your idea.  Some of the different projects that we are involved with are:   hospital ministry, street ministry, chaplaincy at nursing homes and parish (congregation) work.  We do not limit ourselves to these and if you have an idea we want to talk with you.


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